Investing Done Differently

As entrepreneurs, we understand that your business is an extension of you—your ambition, values, hard work. That's why we don't just invest in your business, we invest in your future. Our goal is to find alignment in core values and strategic capabilities and then map out a joint campaign to reach your end point. Discover the proven process we use to get you there.

The Black Box

We don’t claim universal expertise, but we are experts at a few, very specific things. And the way we’ve assembled these competencies makes them even more powerful for your business. We like to call this collection of trade secrets the Black Box. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside—IP Chain, Ecoloom, Brand+, and Databasic…send us a transmission to learn more.

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Double Out to 2x.

Many investors want to see you leverage all you have, then double down to show you have skin in the game. We take a different approach: we encourage owners to “double out” by removing some risk in the enterprise through a structured transaction. You get to take half your value off the table while participating in the future upside.

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Empathy That Empowers

We’re real humans who care about the company we keep. We view the world through the same lens that you do, which allows us to understand your challenges and appreciate your long-term vision. But we also come with a fresh set of eyes, and we’re pros at identifying latent opportunities to generate more revenue and profit.

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Key Deal Features

Deals By Destination

We structure deals that fit with your professional journey and your personal goals, so there’s no room for a misfire down the line.

Speed = Success

Our deals are premised on strong rapport and vision alignment, meaning less stressful diligence and a more direct path to growth.

Less Legal

We work side-by-side to structure the key business terms of the deal together, before we let the lawyers in the room.

Total Protection

We're not control freaks. You can sell the whole business or just part of it. Either way, we'll both get the protection we need for a successful partnership.

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