A Tradition
of Innovation

Indrio is a family business rooted in the legacy of the Florida citrus industry. That rich history has served as a launch pad to develop bleeding-edge database marketing, order management, and logistics tools, which, together with the brand and its IP, constitute the essence of any successful eCommerce venture. Moreover, these disciplines serve as the true coordinates for most successful DTC businesses in the world today. We’ve now proven that with multiple businesses in multiple industry verticals.

Our Mission: Connect People to the Natural World

We strengthen the human connection with one another and the outdoor world by delivering unique and healthier product experiences. These experiences fundamentally change the way customers think about everyday products through suprising design, quality, and delivery. And if the product doesn’t exist yet, we’ll create it—The Indrio Way.

Business Unusual

When selling your business, it’s natural to have concerns. You want the best for your family, your team, and the business you’ve built. At Indrio, we take a cooperative approach to investing to make sure your personal and professional goals are taken care of. We put people before profits, otherwise we don’t do the deal.

With You All the Way

We believe in cultivating life-long personal and business relationships. We look for innovative companies with people who share our personal and company values, can benefit from our abilities, and are fully committed to a win-win relationship.

It’s Really About You

We don’t have LPs or 10-year terms. We don’t have inflexible return requirements. We prefer to build, buy and hold, but we’ll flip if that’s your goal. You tell us what’s in your mind’s eye at the end of the trail, and we’ll map to it.

Who we are:

Entrepreneurs: We’ve been there and done that and know what it’s like to trek a mile in your boots.

Navigators: We’ll see you through the fog, removing the uncertainty you have around selling, or breaking through the clouds to the next level with your business.

Co_Partners®: We’re your ally. We stand by you through the challenges; we stand with you in the triumphs.

Who we are not:

VC/PE: For most financial investors, cash is the only blunt tool they have to offer. We have more perspective, more instruments, more options.

Extractive: We won’t saddle your business with debt, or harvest your assets for cash. We might selectively right-size, but it’s always a joint discussion.

Passive: We increase returns by adding long term value to your business with strategy, capability, and capacity.

Values are everything

We’re values-first investors. We care about your legacy, because we care about ours. We want to be remembered for the positive impacts we made to the spiritual, financial, and physical well-being of those we share work with. We’re paving a new way to do business.

Our Core Values

Customer Is King

We go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations and give them our best, because they deserve no less.

Hands are for Helping

We support others in surprising ways, lending a hand to our customers, our community, and our team members.

Good Enough Is the Enemy

We never settle. We never accept the status quo. We always strive to do better, every day.

Always Have Fun

We’re serious about doing our best, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We work hard to play hard.

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