All pedigrees show all championships, including foreign championships. 
Includes color of dogs where applicable, through next to last generation.
All pedigrees are printed on heavy stock, ready for framing in standard sized frames.
No background logos to interfere with copying or faxing. Includes Champions in Red and stock photo of your breed.
Four generation pedigree (30 dogs) 8.5X11

Five generation pedigree (62 dogs) 8.5X14

Six generation pedigree (126 dogs) 11X17

8 Generation (Book Form)

Schutzhund Titles
$15.00 per Pedigree
Verifiable Titles listed next to last generation.

$15.00 per Pedigree
Next to last Generation (where available)

Your Dog Pictured on Pedigree
$5.00 b/w 7.00 color
using your photo, email or mailed
(mailed photo returned with pedigree)

Litter Rates

1st pedigree, regular price. Each additional pedigree (same litter) 1/2 price.

Breeders Special

Order 20 or more different 4-generation pedigrees at one time, for $15.00 each.


Sample 4-gen pedigree