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All leads are beautifully handcrafted, no two are alike and are individually tailored to both yourself and your dog. The leather is the finest kangaroo leather to be found with beveled edges so that the leather lace fits together and is as smooth as possible in your hand. 

A perfect piece of jewelry to accent the best points of your dog and you.  Can’t you just see it in your mind? Let's make it real.

Catren's Leather Show Accessories have years of experience in braiding kangaroo leather. They have developed a style to fit high standards of performance.  Each lead is crafted from high quality kangaroo leather lacing direct from Australia.  The beads are all jewelry quality that you find on fine jewelry everywhere.  Put the two together and you have a piece of jewelry for your dogs in the show ring.

60 in.Toy White Leather with glass crystal and silver clasp, leash with collar.

Approx. 102.25. + s&h.

Cranberry leather with quartz purple hand-blown glass, butterfly rondelles and silver coil spacers. 36 in.

Approx. 72.00 + s&h.

Cognac long-handle leash, 40 in. leash with 16 in. collar

Approx. 69.00 + s&h.

Brown leather with open weave gold-colored beads and clear crystal spacers..

Approx. 61.15 + s&h.

Beautiful, 3 Brandy and Blueberry strands with sterling sliver rondelle and black brass (2) comp. 24 in. leash with 24' collar.

Approx. 78.20 + s&h

Grape and Natural Toy with Collar 60 in..Purple hand-blown glass rondelles, sterling silver spacers, crystal pull down.

Approx. 92.25 + s&h.

3 brandy and 1 dark brown 36" of carved leather with carved bone and horn beads.

Approx. 57.90 + s&h

Sterling Silver Alphabet beads, add 3.00 ea. .

All leads have a core. This is to help with controlling the stretch of the leather, not necessarily to add strength to the lead, although with the double core and parachute cores undoubtedly comes added strength.Catren's use both 1/8" lace and 3/32" lace for braiding.

The cost varies on the length of the lead and whether single or double core and the bead and silver that is requested. Catren's can braid any length requested besides the standard lengths of 24", 36", and 48". Measure your favorite lead and this is the length you need.

In general:

  • The leather of a 36" lead single core 4 way braid is $41.40 or $1.15/inch.
  • The leather in a toy lead is 60" and costs $69.00 or $1.15/inch.
  • The leather of a 4 way double core braid (for dogs that pull or are giant breeds) is priced at $1.45/inch.
  • The leather of a 6 way over parachute chord (for arthritic hands or collars for dogs that need a larger or thicker collar) is $1.50/inch.

Any inclusion of white leather is a different price depending on the number of strands of white in the lead. This is due to the higher manufacturing costs to make a true white leather. Please contact for pricing. Shipping and Handling is extra and is dependent on the cost of the lead as they are insured. All shipping is first class and through USPS.

All leads have a 7" handle but I can braid thumb loops or smaller for smaller hands. Measure the widest part of your palm and add 2" for it to fit nicely. Any handle larger than 7" will be priced according to the additional inches needed.

Leads can either have a snap (I have a toy snap, regular snap and large breed snap) or a loop. Styles of leads include: regular lead, toy roscoe style, European kennel type or anything else that you may want and can supply me a picture of.

Flat braiding is available for the toy lead on the throat part of the collar for an additional $10. This will allow you to add a cloth covering over the leather for extra comfort on the throat. The backside of the braid is covered with leather.

To measure for choke, measure in front of the ears to the widest part of the skull and add 1".

Bead cost varies from $10-$30 depending on your choice of beads. Jade or precious stones in gold or silver can cost upwards of $20-$40 for one bead. I have over 200 different beads to choose from and will work intimately with you through email to find the bead combination that will fit you and your dog's personality.

If you have any questions or need assistance in pricing please do not hesitate to contact Indrio at your earliest convenience. All of our leads come with a guarantee.

For quotes or more information, please send an email to with your requests!

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